The Cubist movement: History, characteristics and main artists

The Cubist art movement developed in the early 20th century and is widely regarded as the first period of modern art. Although it had its roots in the post-impressionist style, it broke many traditional rules of painting. The aim of this movement was to explore and emphasise the concept of form and volume.

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Quels sont les 5 plus beaux tableaux de Ferdinand Hodler ?

De son vivant, Hodler a atteint la célébrité avec ses œuvres réalistes de paysages et de portraits, mais ce sont ses œuvres symbolistes qui l'ont distingué des autres artistes. De 1893 à 1915, Hodler a créé un grand nombre de ce qu'il appelait des "harmonies", une série de peintures explorant la forme humaine et l'esprit humain.
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What are the main artistic movements in painting?

Exploring the art of painting through the various art movements over the centuries is both fascinating and instructive. Within each movement, painters have explored various themes, approaches and techniques that have defined their individual styles and the evolution of art history.

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6 famous portraits in painting

A painting depicting a portrait can have an incredible impact because of the strong expressions and individual characteristics of the subject. This connection between the artist and their depiction of a single person in paint can often result in captivating works of art.

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The Van Gogh passion through 5 famous paintings

Through 5 emblematic works by Van Gogh, we invite you to discover the pictorial universe and the career of this extraordinary painter.

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